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The Hero Effect – Episode 3 MORE TOO LIFE
Posted by Becca      January 29, 2017      Gallery, The Hero Effect

More Too Life was founded in 2000 by Dr. Brook Bello, author, actor and survivor of childhood trafficking, who then incorporated the organization in 2006. More Too Life addresses sexual violence and human trafficking inflicted on children (and the adults they grow into if not rescued.) More Too Life works in two area, victim services and demand prevention. It is a social justice, anti-sexual violence, and human trafficking agency that has served over 75,000 individuals in prevention, training, and victim services. Though More Too Life is a small agency it has a global footprint and is unique in its ability to provide direct and indirect services that affect many. More Too Life has strengthened the protocol of many other agencies by providing essential life-saving services, mentoring, education and mental health treatment to its clients. More Too Life provides particular attention and support to homeless victims, young adult women, transgenders, and others who were violated as children and are now often treated as outcasts. The legislation and training they provide effectively assists case managers, officers, federal agents, families, communities, and others in how to work with and talk to fearful youth who often come off as uncooperative and angry.

More Too Life assists those we serve in navigating through all the branches of our judicial system, including criminal and child welfare, often linking them to treatment programs, foster families, half-way homes and residential facilities to address their immediate needs. In addition, More Too Life helps survivors focus on continued education, higher learning, goal building and discovering their identity.

More Too Life does a great deal of work to address the issue of fatherless families. Their curriculum is striving to redefine the Legacy of Fatherhood in America. Men who have either volunteered or been court ordered to take the course have shared that the course has changed their lives. More Too Life believes that re-defining fatherhood is fundamental to ending human trafficking in our world.

More Too Life has a new partnership with Ringling College of Art and Design, Semkhor Productions, and actor Dylan McDermott to develop a multimedia platform that hopes to change the way the world views exploitation and women’s rights. The new college course for freshmen, “The Game Changer,” deals with campus safety, consent, victimization, rape and exploitation. More Too Life is honored to have been largely funded by former dodger manager Kevin Malone and credits him for is genuine belief in their unique work. More Too Life, via Dr. Brook Bello, has worked with the NOVO Formation, Diana Rockefeller as a mentor, THORN, Demand Abolition and other great agencies.

To learn more, please visit Moretoolife.org

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The Hero Effect: More Too Life

The Hero Effect – Episode 2: CAFE MOMENTUM
Posted by Becca      January 29, 2017      Gallery, The Hero Effect

Cafe Momentum provides a trans-formative experience through a 12-month paid post-release internship program for young men and women coming out of juvenile facilities. They rotate through all aspects of the restaurant, focusing on life and social skills, coaching and development. They employ an entire case management staff, providing an ecosystem of support around our interns to help them achieve their greatest potential.

The restaurant is a classroom, proudly serving fresh, locally sourced, sophisticated American cuisine in the heart of downtown Dallas. Each and every meal is prepared and served by an award-winning team of chefs and the young men and women involved in the program. By dining at Café Momentum, patrons provide hope, confidence, and motivation.

To learn more visit cafemomentum.org

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The Hero Effect: Cafe Momentum

The Hero Effect – Gallery Update
Posted by Becca      January 29, 2017      Gallery, The Hero Effect

Hey Em fans! So sorry that it’s taken me a bit to start catching up on stuff for The Hero Effect but I promise I am getting stuff caught up over the next few days. First off I’ve added a new promo photo for Emily and a few other stills and photos from the episodes that have aired so far. Enjoy.

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The Hero Effect: Promotional Photos
The Hero Effect: Episode Stills
The Hero Effect: Misc & Unsorted

The Hero Effect: Episode 1: Mission United Screencaps
Posted by Becca      November 23, 2016      Gallery, The Hero Effect

I have added screencaps from the first installment of The Hero Effect; Mission United.

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Epsiode 1: Mission United

The next episode will air December 10th.

The Hero Effect Trailer & Gallery Updates
Posted by Becca      November 07, 2016      Gallery, The Hero Effect

The official trailer for Emily’s new show The Hero Effect was released the other day. You can watch it here if you haven’t had a chance to yet. We are less then a week away now from our first installments! Be sure to tune in November 12th. I have added screencaps from the trailer to the gallery. As well I have added a few stills and a couple of cute photos of Emily and her co host Donald Driver.

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The Hero Effect: Promotional Photos
The Hero Effect: Episode Stills
The Hero Effect: Screencaps: Trailer
The Hero Effect: Misc & Unsorted

Tenured Screencaps
Posted by Becca      November 01, 2016      Gallery, Tenured

I was finally able to add screencaps of Emily’s role in the 2015 film Tenured. She’s wonderful in this role! If you have a chance be sure to watch it on Netflix.

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[2015] Tenured: Screencaps: Movie

New Layout + Photoshoot
Posted by Becca      October 29, 2016      Gallery, Site

As you can see we have a stunning new layout here at Emily Wilson Web. I would like to thank my friend Samantha for designing it for us. It features photos of Emily from her 2015 Tribeca Film Festival photoshoots. I have also replaced the cast shoot with HQ images here. I have also added another set of images from a Tribeca photoshoot to the gallery.

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Photoshoots: Session 17

Appearance: August 26 Blood in the Water Premiere
Posted by Becca      August 28, 2016      Gallery

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Appearances: 2016: August 26 – Blood in the Water Premiere