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Emily Wilson made her return to Port Charles tomorrow, reprising the role of Ellie Trout. “I’m so excited!” the actress beams. “Ellie has such a special place in my heart and I was so happy that they asked me to come back. I’ve kept in touch with Bradford [Anderson, Spinelli] and Kirsten [Storms, Maxie] and Teresa [Castillo, Sabrina] and Marc [Anthony Samuel, Felix] but everyone there feels like family to me at this point. It was such a great feeling to walk back into the building!” For more on her comeback — and what Ellie’s presence means for Maxie and Spinelli — check out next week’s Soap Opera Digest.


Yesterday Emily and Adhir Kalyan shared some very happy news! They are engaged!

You can see the posts that they each shared. Emily || Adhir

So very happy for these two and wish them a lifetime of love and happiness!

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Amazing news! Emily has a film that is going to premiere at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival! Emily plays Lauren Collions in the movie Tenured. Below I have added screencaps from the first trailer and you can watch it also. Tribeca will take place from April 15-26 this year. When we know an exact date for the premiere I’ll let you know. Congrats to Em and the whole cast! The movie looks great! Warning for language in the trailer.

Preview Preview Preview Preview
[2015] Tenured: Screencaps: Trailer

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Session 14